Billiger Kuchen, or: what is your reputation worth to you?

I have tried out the the first recipe from my granny’s recipe collection: the “Billiger Kuchen“. It’s not the first one in the notebook, but I was intrigued, because “Billiger Kuchen” means “Cheap Cake”, and I was wondering about that. I figured it might just be a way of saying “simple cake”. After all, these are just notes, and it is a pretty simple cake of the Rührkuchen variety, as in, the ingredients are more or less just stirred together (rühren means stirring) – flour, eggs, butter, sugar, milk, baking powder, and lemon zest for flavouring.

As it turns out, the cake would probably have been considered cheap as well as easy, but I fear, so would the hostess. At least the first part…

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