About me

My name is Anke. I grew up in the pretty town of Saarlouis on the German-French border, but for the last two decades, I have lugged my ever-expanding collection of books (not all of them about food and writing…) to the USA, Ireland, Italy and Berlin – and most recently, back to Ireland again.

I am a university lecturer, PhD researcher, writer, and dyed-in-the-wool-foodie. After running a busy restaurant and winebar in Dublin (Ireland) and completing a Masters in Food Studies in Colorno and Pollenzo (Italy), I worked as head of communications for Slow Food Germany for several years. Now, I lecture at the Technological University Dublin in the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology on food and culture, literature and media.

My writing on food, society and sustainability has also been published in The Irish Times, RTÉ Brainstorm, The New Gastronome, zitty Berlin, Slow Food Magazin, INKOTA Südlink and Politico. Find the full list of my publications here.

Find my CV here.

My interest in good food developed early – I’m the keen plum cake aficionado there with my parents and my brother.


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