Udaipur works.

Udaipur, the busy city

Udaipur builds, Udaipur cuts marble, Udaipur welds. Udaipur roasts chickpeas and fries sweets, Udaipur sells vegetables and weaves baskets. Udaipur serves dinner and massages feet. Udaipur hosts weddings and directs traffic. Udaipur drives minibuses and motorcycles. Udaipur gathers firewood and fetches water. Udaipur studies. Udaipur works. Continue reading


Bombay wears sandals.


Mr. Mody Steel kept me company though I felt he was mocking me with his “good luck”.

Her taxis are black with yellow roofs, and everybody honks their horn constantly. That’s pretty much all I could tell you after the first three days in India. One day of that I indeed spent listening to car horns, and watching the ceiling fan spin slowly in a grey-blue room, dozing on and off and trying to ignore my aching stomach…

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India!!! Well actually, back in Berlin

I had plans for my trip to India.  I’d find myself a nice spot every morning to sit with my cup of coffee and muse about the things I’d experienced the day before. Garnish it with a few (well-shot and interesting) pictures. Post online. I packed my P1150120_blogcables for the camera and everything.
But of course, it came different. Most days I couldn’t really handle sorting out blotchy wifi connections before breakfast. So I did it the old-fashioned way with pen and pink clothbound notebook (so fitting)

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